Don't Blow It: Mastering TV Interviews

Almost everyone gets super nervous before getting mic’d up and ready for a television segment. We get it, the spotlight isn’t for everybody darling. You step onto the set, a camera guy starts rigging you up with a microphone and all of a sudden their counting down: 3, 2, 1... you’re on.

Janis Galloway
So You Wanna Be a Wardrobe Stylist?

We're kicking off the summer and sharing all the secrets of the trade with our Business of Wardrobe Styling 2.0 Workshop. Always wanted a career as a wardrobe stylist, but had no idea where to start? This is for you. This full-day workshop will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of working as a wardrobe stylist. 

Janis Galloway
Who Made Your Clothes?

Who made your shoes? Your purse, your shirt, your jeans? April 24 - 30 is Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement advocating for more transparency from fashion brands. Publicity Room has teamed up with Flatter:Me Belts to activate Albertans to get involved in the conversation and ask “Who made my clothes?”

Janis Galloway
What is PR and Why Do You Need It?

Building a brand is unthinkable today without a public relations strategy. But the term can still be confusing as the lines between PR and marketing blur. What does a publicist actually do?

Well buckle up, because we’re going to walk you through the basics of PR, starting with what the hell it is.

Janis Galloway