What is PR and Why Do You Need It?

For a long time PR was associated with political spin, celebrity scandal and the infamous Samantha Jones of Sex in the City. What was once a smoke and mirrors industry is now a mainstream concept. Building a brand is unthinkable today without a public relations strategy. But the term can still be confusing as the lines between PR and marketing blur. What does a publicist actually do?

Well buckle up, because we’re going to walk you through the basics of PR, starting with what the hell it is.


What is PR?
Public relations is the process of building relationships with the public. In our case, it’s connecting your brand with the right people, at the right time, to help increase awareness and ultimately make those people your customers and greatest cheerleaders.

Much of what you read, watch or listen to is the result of a publicist and journalist interaction. An article you read, an interview you hear, or a news segment you watch has often been suggested to an editor, producer or writer by a publicist. It’s our job to bring the media stories their audiences are interested in and provide them with everything they need to produce that story.


Common Misconceptions of PR


1. PR and advertising are the same.

Not even close. We don’t buy or design advertisements. Although a clever TV ad or billboard can benefit your brand positioning, public relations focuses on making genuine connections with people through journalism, social media, events, and community outreach. We believe it’s more impactful for someone else to say you’re cool, than for you to say you’re cool.


2. PR is only used to cover up something bad.

If you’re only communicating with the public when something bad happens, your PR strategy needs a makeover. A good public relations effort means creating an ongoing dialogue with customers and industry. If something does go wrong, these people will be your biggest allies and are more likely to forgive and forget if you’ve made the effort to create a rapport with them from the beginning.


3. PR is all about glamour, celebrities and red carpets.

Samantha Jones gave us the impression that working in PR meant attending high-profile events with champagne in hand. Today, public relations is about genuine connections with consumers, so they will become loyal ambassadors of your brand.


How PR can help your business

A thoughtful social media campaign, an intimate event, or an in-depth media article about your company can reach thousands of people. Public Relations will create deep, sincere and long-lasting relationships between your brand, desired customers and industry peers. It can position you for unique collaborations, build credibility and keep you top of mind in the public eye. 


Are you ready to share you unique brand story with the masses? Check out our services and contact us to see how we can help!

Janis Galloway