Who Made Your Clothes?

Who made your shoes? Your purse, your shirt, your jeans? April 24 - 30 is Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement advocating for more transparency from fashion brands. Publicity Room has teamed up with Flatter:Me Belts to activate Albertans to get involved in the conversation and ask “Who made my clothes?”

How did this all start? On April 24th, 2013 the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed and 1,134 people were killed along with more than 2,500 injured. The factory’s garment workers were under hard deadlines producing fast fashion for major Canadian, American and European brands and had been forced into work despite building cracks and structural issues known to managers. The accident spotlighted the true cost of fast fashion and Fashion Revolution was born with more than 80 countries world-wide taking part. 

Last year 70,000 people took to social media, tagging brands and asking "Who made my clothes?". One thousand brands answered, and thousands more were put to the test, as their customers demanded more transparency about manufacturing practices. 


The purpose of Fashion Revolution Week is not to shame brands. It's to stimulate conversation, encourage education and ask ourselves as both consumers and makers, "how can we do better?"

How to Get Involved

  • Post of photo with the  "Who made my clothes?" campaign sign and tag the brand you’re wearing! Use the hashtag #whomademyclothes @fashion_revcan (sign can be printed at home and found in the Action Kit here>)
  • Visit FashionRevolution.org to see what events are happening in your city

How to get involved as a retailer:

  • Create a FRW themed window display
  • Put “who made my clothes” in your dressing rooms for people to take photos of themselves

  • Put posters up in your store and windows (available here)

  • Download a FRW Action Kit with printable posters and more: http://fashionrevolution.org/resources/

Above all, research, ask questions and be curious about the origins of your clothing. Not just this week, but year-round. From all of us at Publicity Room, thank you for supporting Fashion Revolution Week!

Janis Galloway