Styling Workshop

Workshops hosted by Publicity Room offer insight to professional wardrobe styling and marketing in the fashion industries.


Business of Wardrobe Styling

October 19, 2019
8:30am - 5pm

MC College 10345 107 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We're sharing all the tips, secrets & resources to launch your career in wardrobe styling.

Have you always dreamed of a career as a wardrobe stylist, but have no idea where to start? Our annual workshop gives you an inside look into the world of styling, hands-on experience on a real photo shoot and shares the processes, secrets and resources top stylists use to build successful businesses. We only offer this baby once per year, so don't let it slip by!

What you'll learn:

- The wide range of a careers available in wardrobe styling
- Styling jargon so you can talk the talk
- How to launch your career as a stylist
- What's in a styling kit
- How to source wardrobe for campaign & editorial styling
- How to navigate a photoshoot
- How to price your services

- How to create contracts and processes

You'll also receive:

1. Our Stylist Handbook with useful templates and checklists.
2. A chance to ask questions, network and hear from current industry professionals during our Q&A panel.  Meet the panelists>
3. An opportunity to style a live photoshoot with photographer Aaron Pedersen and Mode Models!
4. A high-res photo of your styled look to launch your portfolio.
5. Breakfast, lunch and snacks to keep you fuelled throughout the day!

Who is this Workshop for?

- Emerging wardrobe stylists
- Wardrobe stylists looking to take their career to the next level
- Fashion retailers and clothing brands who want to elevate their social media content and campaigns and see more conversions through their online stores. 


What our Grads Are Saying...

"The workshop was a great opportunity to hear about the nitty-gritty of the fashion styling world from an expert who tells it like it is! Janis shares her personal successes & hiccups in the world of styling & provides a wealth of knowledge & resources." - Amanda Wagner

Amanda has since launched a career as both a stylist & retail consultant at Retail to Riches.

Photographer: Dallas Curow |  Styling: Amanda Wagner | Model: Katryna Yasinski


"This workshop introduced me to an area of the fashion industry I knew nothing about, & was very detailed, covering all the dynamics of fashion styling. It opened my mind to potential careers in the industry & gave me skills & knowledge I couldn't have acquired anywhere else." - Gabriella Sequeira

Gabriella has since styled for S/Magazine, gravitypope, Poppy Barley, & other major retailers.

                                 Photo: S/Magazine  |  Styling Assistant: Gabriella Sequeira


"I attended The Business of Wardrobe Styling just as I was about to launch my wardrobe styling & image consulting business. I am SO glad I signed up as Janis & team gave excellent insights into the world of styling beyond what my business focus was. Having the opportunity to hear from local experts brought everything we were learning to life. We had the opportunity to style a model for a photo shoot... Wow. So beneficial to have hands on experience & see first hand what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot."
- Shelby Varughese

Shelby has since launched All Set Style, a personal styling service.


"The Workshop has been incredibly helpful in my day-to-day as a brand photographer. I now have a better eye for ensuring garments are on and sitting properly during shoots, the ability and knowledge of how to source looks for styled shoots, and more confidence when styling clients and even myself before stepping in front of the camera. The Business of Wardrobe Styling has truly expanded my skillset and helped set me apart as a photographer– although be warned you’ll never be able to unsee wrinkles, creases and styling faux paus in ad campaigns again!" - Marielle Elizabeth, Social Media Consultant & Photographer

Student Testimonial

“The Business of Wardrobe styling was a fantastic platform to network with other creatives within the industry. The workshop confirmed a lot of what I was doing and gave me confidence in how to set my price. It was great to listen to a speaker panel about etiquette on set and what professionals look for in a stylist. Since then, I have collaborated with other attendees from the workshop and worked some of the biggest fashion events in Edmonton!” - Alyssa Habchi

(2018 Graduate)