What is PR?

Good public relations (also known as PR) encourages people to think and speak positively about your business. It improves the reputation of your brand and provides exposure by getting others to say you’re awesome, which is a bazillion times more effective in attracting customers than buying a billboard.

Why do I need PR?

Because you are doing something amazing and as many people as possible should know about it. You should hire a PR agency if you are gearing up to launch a new brand or product, making an exciting announcement, promoting an event or campaign, entering a new market or simply looking to increase credibility, awareness and positivity around your business.

What’s the difference between PR & advertising?

“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.” Advertisements are designed and paid for by a brand. PR strategy focuses on landing third-party word of mouth such as articles written by journalists, mentions from reputable influencers, memorable events, and the creation of buzz-worthy, campaigns and content.