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Influencer Campaign Package

$3,500 + GST  |  Timeline: 8-10 weeks
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We love working with community movers and shakers and online stars to share brand messaging in unique and surprising ways. Getting the right influencer to vouch for your brand could mean major sales.  An influencer collaboration introduces your brand to new audiences, creates new content for you to share, and keeps you top of mind to potential customers who spend hours a day scrolling through social media platforms. We know partnering with influencers can be intimidating to navigate, but we have a straight-forward approach to ensure the results are both creative and impactful. 


This service includes:

  • Crafting an influencer campaign concept

  • Identifying a list of up to 10 influencers to partner with

  • Development of agreements to be signed by each influencer (if needed)

  • Ensuring advertising standards are complied with

  • Liaising between the brand and the influencer

  • Metrics report upon completion of project including engagement, social sharing, etc.

*Please note this rate does not include costs associated with providing complimentary products, mail-outs, shipping charges, packaging, etc.



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Photo: Ania B from influencer collaboration for gravitypope 25th anniversary.