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Monthly PR Retainer

$3,000/month + GST  |  Minimum 6 month commitment
*Clients who are able to pay the full retainer fee upfront will receive a $3,000 discount

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The full meal deal. Super-sized. This is one of our most popular service options for small to medium-sized businesses who need to tap into our PR expertise for big-picture projects, ongoing projects, launches, campaigns, events and media opportunities. 

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Month 1: Building the Foundation

We fully immerse ourselves in your brand to understand your company, your goals and identify opportunities for you to positioning, increasing sales, reaching key audiences and stimulating more chatter about your brand. This paves the way for the creative strategies we’ll employ in the coming months.


- Kick-off Meeting to understand your business, and set goals for our collaboration.

- Brief Communications Audit of your website, social media platforms and all marketing materials with recommendations for improvements and copywriting support where needed. 

- Identifying of key strategies to meet your goals which could include any combination of the following: media outreach, influencer collaborations, an event, and/or a partnership with another brand.

Months 2-6: Let’s Do This!

This is where the magic starts. We get to work executing our selected PR Strategies, which could include pitching media about your brand, coordinating an influencer collaboration, planning an event, or creating a unique partnership with another brand or charity. 


- PR Strategies executed by our team.

- Regular updates via email, phone or in-person with your PR Account Lead on progress.

- Ongoing Consulting support

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*Month 6 Bonus: Evaluating and Looking Ahead

We evaluate all of the progress made from our first five months of working together and craft a plan for carrying the momentum forward.


- Wrapping Up. Our team will wrap-up any remaining aspects of our PR projects from the previous three months. We promise not to leave any loose threads!

- PR Summary. We'll compile the results of each PR Strategy, and provide recommendations for the future. This summary could include media clippings, changes in website traffic, sales, brand awareness and social media engagement, so you can make informed decisions on your PR and marketing tactics moving forward. 

*Option to renew contract after 6 months

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