Pitch Templates for TV

Pitch Templates for TV


Have you been sending pitches to TV news outlets with no response? Or maybe you haven't tried because you're not sure where to start?

Our Pitch Templates for TV are designed with the medium in mind, meaning your chance of grabbing a producer's attention will be much more likely.

The TV Pitch Package includes 3 email templates for you to customize with your unique brand angle. These professionally written templates are developed by the expert publicists at Publicity Room who have secured hundreds of TV media segments for clients using these approaches. 

What You Get
This instant download PDF package includes three styles of TV pitches: 

1. In-Studio pitch to be interviewed on-set at a TV station.

2. On Location pitch when you want the media to come to you.

3. Round-up pitch to include your brand in a grouping with others.

4. Bonus! We’ve also included our famous guide to Mastering TV Interviews

Why You Need It:
Because everyone wants to say “Look Ma! I’m on TV!”. But really because a morning show or evening news show can have anywhere from 500,000 to over 1 million viewers. Think what might happen if hundreds of thousands of people knew about your brand! This is an opportunity for your brand to come to life on screen.

The Nitty Gritty:
Once you've purchased the Pitch Package, you'll receive it directly in your inbox in a matter of minutes. Just download the PDF, highlight the text you want and copy and paste into your email. Then, customize with your brand story and voice and send to a journalist! We can't wait to see you in the spotlight. 

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